The Power of Shiluvit


Wall and ceiling panels of solid wood

Shiluvit anticipates on the flexible building style of today and therefore offers a complete variate  range of wall and ceiling panels that is one of its kind. These panels are easy to install and after commissioning also easily removable, hence the technical installations above the ceiling are always accessible without the use of special tools. Shiluvit is applied in a practicable T-system. This system ensures that damage because of clips/metal clamps and/or special tools are history.

Shiluvit stands for the flexibility of the nature, this is reflected in:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Flexibility in assembly
  • Flexibility in maintenance

Furthermore, wood is a 100% natural product that is sustainable and gives a relaxing ambiance.  We have various variants of standard designs already waiting for you in stock that can be delivered within days instead of weeks.




Everdenberg 11-b
4902 TT Oosterhout
The Netherlands

Tel : +31 (0)162 768 025
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Chamber of Commerce : 50963104
VAT nr. : NL8230.19.810.B01 

Shiluvit BV is a subsidiary of DNS international

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